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Here is where you'll find all of my saucy and raunchy adventures. I'll share my dirtiest secrets and fantasies with you. Below is a list of contents for my stories, so when you see one that catches your fancy just scroll down to the title... and enjoy.

1. Touching Myself

2. First Orgasm

3. No Longer a Virgin

4. Sex in Public Places

5. Fucking Outdoors -- Coming Soon!

6. My First Sex Party -- Coming Soon!

7. A Wolfish Man -- Coming Soon!

8. Horny at the Library -- Coming Soon!

-- Touching Myself --

When I was young, I was taught that touching myself was a dirty and sinful thing to do... but it felt so good, I figured no one would mind if I did it alone and didn't use my hands. I used many different things to pleasure myself with, and though I was too young to know what an orga! sm was, I still remember the feel of my little pussy twitching with lust. At first I used my stuffed animals. I would rub up against them or bury their faces between my legs. Plus, the advantage to this is that if anyone caught me, I could quickly pull away and just say I was playing by myself!

One time I was playing on my computer when I realized I was fidgeting in my seat. I had that really good feeling down there, and I wanted to make it feel even better. I kept moving around in my seat until I had the heel of my foot underneath myself. I realized that I could rub up against my foot, and that felt incredibly pleasurable. The only bad thing was that my leg eventually got uncomfortable! I looked around and saw a tennis ball on the desk beside me. Thinking nothing of it, I put it on the chair beneath me and rubbed it up against myself. I loved the way it made me feel, and I eventually put it inside my pants where it could be closer to my body. I probably bucked ag! ainst that tennis ball for close to an hour, all the while pla! ying a c omputer game!

-- First Orgasm --

My first real boyfriend was a really wonderful and loving guy. We talked a lot about sex and had lots of it too! We talked about masturbating, and I confessed that even though I touched myself all the time, I'd never had an orgasm. For awhile, I thought maybe something was wrong with me, or maybe I didn't understand how everything worked down there. He convinced me that nothing was wrong and encouraged me to look at my sweet little cunny. It was so strange and exciting to look at it in the mirror and watch it swell with pleasure when I rubbed my clit. I could get incredibly wet and turned on, and my clit would get so hard... but I still couldn't cum! We both tried our hands on me, and he used his mouth too. But it just seemed like nothing would work.

One day, my boyfriend came over to my house as usual, but this time he had a surprise. He had gone out and bought me a giant, vibrating dildo! ! It was so hard and slick that I couldn't wait to try it out! We started making out, and I could feel his dick getting hard as he rubbed up against me. My pussy was absolutely clenching with excitement, and when he put his hands down my pants he smiled and told me how wet I was. I sucked his stiff cock, kissed his balls, and licked up his sweet pre-cum in thanks. But I couldn't be selfless for long! He knew exactly what I wanted and turned my new vibrator on the highest setting. I soared to new heights and used it on myself while he jacked off. I was so hot and wet, and I quickly realized I was feeling new sensations. My pussy was tightening down more than I'd ever felt before, and an incredible sensation was building in my clit.

I rubbed myself harder and harder until I was absolutely aching. Every inch of my body flexed and strained as my climax started to building. I was breathing hard, sweating as the! new pleasures flooded over me. Then it hit me. Like a bolt of! lightni ng, my first orgasm shook through me and made me scream and moan with delight. My boyfriend came at the sight of my little body quaking, splashing his hot cum all over my belly and tits. We both sighed and relaxed into each other after our delicious orgasms had faded.

--No Longer A Virgin --

The first boy to help me reach orgasm was also, naturally, the first boy I had sex with. He had fingered me plenty, and of course I fingered myself quite a bit too! But in spite of that, I was still extremely tight and completely intact. We were both worried it would hurt, so we decided to start out extra slow and get me good and warmed up. He started by spreading open my thighs and kissing my already wet slit. He pressed his lips against mine and slid his tongue inside me. Lapping and sucking on my pussy lips, he had me moaning and flexing on my back with pleasure. He easily pushed one! finger inside me then began with the second as he kissed up my body and to my neck, rubbing his throbbing cock on my belly.

I could feel his precum spilling out onto my hip and tummy while we kissed passionately. With two fingers inside me, he began to thumb my clit until it was hard and swollen and my pussy clenched down on his fingers. He brushed his moist lips up against my ear and asked in one hot breath if I was ready. I told him I was and relaxed my entire body as he knelt between by legs. He lube up his cock with his spit to make it as easy as possible to slide inside and positioned himself at my cunny. Leaning down to kiss me, he pushed inside me for the first time. I cried at out the stretching, breaking pain but was quickly washed in the sense of a new found pleasure. He went slowly as my first blood trickled down my thighs and my pussy opened up to him.

I moaned and panted, writhing ! about at this new and wonderful feeling. I could feel every inch of my boyfriend's dick rocking back and forth inside me. My cunny held him in its tight, wet grasp, seeming to pull him back in each time he rocked his hips. In spite of the ache, I could feel my pleasure building and moved my hips so that I could rub on my clit. My boyfriend smiled at how eager I was and happily sped up the pace, slamming himself into me over and over. We kissed and rolled around together until he couldn't take it any longer and told me he was about to cum. I grabbed his ass and held him tight as he exploded deep inside me, his dick blasting its seed inside my no longer virgin pussy.

--Sex in Public Places--

I shifted my thighs back and forth, trying to quell the burning desire between my legs. I bit my lip and tried to slow my breathing, but I knew that even if I did, should anyone lo! ok my way they'd see how flushed my cheeks were... and most likely smell my lust too. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I brushed my pert breasts up against the arm of my boyfriend and placed my hand on his knee. He opened his eyes and slid down his headphones, "What is it, babe?"

"I need you." I nearly growled in his ear.

His eyes grew wide, "But... here?" Though he was clearly unsure, his cock didn't seem to mind and eagerly strained against his jeans.

I pressed my lips up against his ear and used my hand to cover it from prying eyes. Flicking the tip of my tongue inside his ear, I said, "I'll go to the bathroom and leave the door unlocked. Don't keep me waiting..."  

Standing, I slid pa! st him a nd brushed my fingertips across his throat as I left. Being sure to wiggle my bottom at him as I left, I quickly strutted down the aisle to the bathroom and went inside. I felt a thrill as I made sure not to lock the door and began to feel myself up. Rubbing my fingers over my perky tits, I felt a blush streak across my cheeks at the thought of someone unexpected walking in. Pulling my panties down around my knees, I had easy access to my juicy, needy pussy and bent over as I banged myself with two and then three fingers. I could feel the girl cum already spilling out of me and spurting onto my ass and thighs with each thrust of my hand.

I heard the door click, and my heart beat wildly out of control. I wanted it to be my boyfriend... but what if it wasn't? Swallowing my fear, I tentatively peered over my shoulder. It was him alright, and even from my position across the bathroom bent against the wall I c! ould clearly see the outline of his rock solid dick against his pants. He was breathing heavily through his nose, and for a moment he just stood and stared.

Then it all seemed to happen at once. He was directly behind me, fumbling with his belt as he leaned over to kiss down the nape of my neck. I turned around enough to twine my tongue with his, nipping at his bottom lip and grinding my hips back against his. A piteous whine rose up from his throat as I rocked my big naked ass into him. Finally able to get his pants around his ankles, he brandished his cock for only a moment before sliding easily inside my hungry cunt. Grabbing hold of my hips, he fucked me like his life depended on it, and I didn't complain... or keep quiet. We both moaned and growled as he banged me, my pussy growing tighter and wetter by the moment.

Reaching back ! between my thighs, I began to rub my clit vigorously. I felt h! is precu m and my nectar mixing together and rolling down my thighs in rivulets. I reached back to cup his balls as he continued to pound away, and he groaned with pleasure. "I'm gonna cum..." I heard him bite out the words, and I nodded my agreement, barely able to keep back the tide as I fingered my clit. His hips slapped into my ass harder and harder until I couldn't take it anymore and began to orgasm at the same time his cock throbbed and filled my pussy with his spunk.

He looked like he was barely able to stand on his feet, let alone pull up his pants as I straightened my panties and skirt. Giggling, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked back to our seats...