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A girl loves getting presents.  Take a look at the information below.  I would like to receive anything you can imagine and would be happy to do a photo shoot with the items I receive.  All articles of clothing must be new with tags left on, but if you find something cool on ebay like jewelry, non-personal clothing such as furs, robes or hats that is fine.  DISCLAIMER: Since my body type is different not everything will fit me.

Because you take the time to send me $ or items, I will take some pictures that will only belong to you.  If you want me to do a photo set in something and send it back that is fine for a small price.

I charge $3 a picture or $100 for 40 pictures on a simple photo shoot.  The more complicated the more $. Send me an email for a quote!   

Here is the sizing info you need:

Bra Size:  36C 
: 7
        Pants: 10 or 12
: S or M
        Jackets: XL 
        Lingerie: S, M or one size 
        Boots or Shoe: 9  Stilettos:  10
PREFER stockings/garter (L)

Contact me for the mailing address