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Welcome to my section of SC. 

I have been a charm here since 2002 and although I have appeared in magazines and made guest appearances for a few other places in the past, my main focus is my site here.

 I am proud to consider myself a mature model  since I am over the age of 40 and I make sure to

 give you brand new updates daily and I really enjoy hearing from you. 

 If I had to describe myself I would say that I am your " typical middle aged woman" who enjoys playing with you here on the internet in my free time. I have managed! to meet some of the greatest people over the years that I have been here and! I have learned that no matter who you are or what profession you are in almost everyone likes to see a naked woman.

That works well for me... sine you like to see it... and I like to show it !

 I hope you will continue on to my Photos & Videos to see all that I have to offer you.

Please be sure to e-mail me. As I said before, I love to hear from